Austrian Airlines flies more than 35,000 people to 123 destinations around the world every day. Every single one of you experiences your own special journey, and returns from your destination loaded down with your own personal tips!

Entertainment on the flight and sharing insider tips with other passengers: how every contribution to the Community is rewarded.

Austrian Airlines started up the ‘CleverTogether’ Onboard Community to create a platform for using all that knowledge for the good of all passengers. This free Community portal lets you get hold of Community tips about 15 selected Austrian Airlines destinations, or prove just how knowledgeable you are about travel in the CleverTogether Quiz.

As an extra bonus, moreover, you will be rewarded for your participation and receive a FlyNet Surf Voucher. This can be used to get online free of charge while on board the aircraft. Have fun surfing above the clouds!

CleverTogether will be available on selected short and medium-haul flights in FlyNet, and at